Parrot 1.0 Release

I’m proud to announce that Parrot is going 1.0 this week. It went through a lot of changes to get it here. Several major “rewrites” of portions of the system to handle usages I had not conceived of while writing. The more interesting change was the removal of the dependency resolver. Thanks to GrumpyDev for his help in that area.


One of the more interesting releases is that of a javascript parrot parser. It can be used in webpages or possibly with nodejs once a wrapper is written. Including the required files and jQuery makes it as simple as

var html = $("#template").parrot();

You can then insert it in your webpage just like any html string.


Parrot in javascript

Here’s how it’s used on the home page for Parrot.


Also with this release a version of the Parrot View Engine for the NancyFx. Porting Parrot over to Nancy was one of the ways I found everything that could be wrong with Parrot. This caused several rewrites as I realized I was really dependent on I think this has streamlined how it works.


And of course, there’s support for Asp.Net MVC.


Installing parrot is easy with Nuget

PM> Install-Package Parrot.AspNet

PM> Install-Package Nancy.ViewEngines.Parrot

Live demo

This is parrot

So checkout the website at and try Parrot out for yourself.

-Ben Dornis

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