About me

I'm just a lowly programmer at a company that doesn't really want my association with them known.

I live in Southern California have a beautiful wife (Kim) and a beautiful new daughter Zoe.

I've been programming professionally for about 12 years but non-stop for about 20. I've worked on various things throughout the years. My initial goal was to develop video games. I found that I'm no good at it and was much better at business.

I have a few open source projects. You can find most of them on Github and ParrotFx. I currently love developing in c# and javascript.

There really isn't much more to say just now - I'll flesh this out later :)

Email: benThis is to hopefully prevent spammers from spamming me@so if you're a spammer please stop.buildstarted.com

Twitter: Buildstarted

StackOverflow: Buildstarted