Socal code camp this weekend part two

After the very first public speaking engagement at the last Code Camp I’ve decided to try again. I didn’t get any feedback last time but I hope I’ve noticed enough that went wrong that this time there will be fewer mistakes. No promises though. I’ll be speaking at Socal Code Camp at UC San Diego about Routing in Asp.Net on Saturday, the 23rd, at 2:45.

If you’re attending my session please come back to this post afterward and leave comments. Positive or negative doesn’t matter to me as long as they’re constructive. Anything to help improve my future sessions.

I’ve put my session layout on and if you have any comments or would like me to omit anything please leave a note there.


Thanks everyone for attending. This was an excellent audience. Lots of questions. No demo fails. Live, raw, code…The only thing is I forgot to look at my notes and forgot a section :) However, you all stayed anyway until I finished. Thanks for making it a great session everybody. I look forward to giving this session one more time at the next code camp!

Source code used in the session can be found

Thanks in advance, Ben Dornis

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