Socal Code Camp post mortem

Code Camp is over. I went to a lot of wonderful sessions. A couple of timing issues hit me with the schedule because there were definitely sessions I wanted to attend at the same time as another session I wanted to attend. c'est la vie.

As about 15 of you know I had my first ever speaking engagement on Sunday about Routing in I want to thank all of your for sticking to it until the bitter end. I’m not as flashy as Scott Hanselman. I don’t have the presence of Scott Guthrie. But I gave it my all and it was fun. I’ll definitely do it again.

I realized after the session started that I needed a lot more practice. Nerves got the better of me and basically my brain shut down and forgot everything. I didn’t reference my notes often enough. Alt-tabbed way too often. (one viewer mentioned that my scrolling made her dizzy) All in all it was a mess but one that will be refined with more work and a better understanding of the types of questions you attendees asked. Through your questions I was able to see some deficiencies in my presentation that I hope will be fixed next time.

Some of you asked for code. I will post it as soon as I have time to refine it. In it’s current state it doesn’t make for a good download as it’s a huge jumble. I’ll separate my examples out into clear self-contained projects so that each separate concept can be tested and understood on it’s own without any of the other concepts getting in the way.

Another thanks to every who attended and thanks to Code Camp for making it possible.

Ben Dornis

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