Entity Framework primary key issues

Entity Framework Primary key but not auto-increment

I ran into an interesting problem today with regards to an Entity Framework model having a Primary Key that was not auto-increment.

As a test I created the following model:

public class Person() {
    [Key] public int ID {get;set;}
    public string Name {get;set;}

I created a table in sql2008 with the exact same structure and I executed the following code. The primary key is an integer but is not auto-increment

var owner = new Person() { ID = 1, Name = "Owner" };

Using sql profiler I was able to see the sql being generated by Entity Framework

exec sp_executesql N'insert [dbo].[People]([Name])
values (@0)
select [ID]
from [dbo].[People]
where @@ROWCOUNT > 0 and [ID] = scope_identity()',N'@0 varchar(50),@0='Owner'

As you can see there’s no ID being passed to the query

What I ended up doing was having to set the following code in the OnModelCreating method

        .HasKey(p => p.ID)
        .Property(p => p.ID)
        .StoreGeneratedPattern = StoreGeneratedPattern.Identity;

Hope this helps anyone else out there.

- Ben