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Buildstarted's ramblings

Introducing linksfor.dev(s)

For the past year I’ve been working on a small site called linksfor.dev(s). Some quick background on why.

I quit social media a few years ago and mostly disappeared from the internet at the same time. The platforms I was on didn’t provide the filters necessary for me to cut out noise and vitriol from my feeds. In order to improve my sanity I simply had to cut myself off.

That’s where linksfor.dev(s) came in. It’s an automated process that looks at various sources around the internet, vetted by me, gathers all the links and drops them into a nice interface. Most of the links on the site are automated but occasionally I get a link from a friend or other source and add them manually.

With the help of the wonderful people on OG JabbR I’ve refined the process and added many features that I think make the service a lot better.

The site is hosted on Github Pages and statically generated using Razor. There are no comments or voting: just pure information.

This site is mainly for me so if you enjoy it then great! If you have any issues you’d like to report please post it on the issues page.